Women’s Group

The Daughters of Mary




Our faith is rich and beautiful.

As a community of Catholic women, we gather to learn more about God through His Word and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The Daughters of Mary currently uses Endow as our formation material. Endow brings women into small group communities that transmit the depth of our Catholic faith to awaken each participant’s particular genius and ignite them as luminaries who heal, mother and prepare families and the world for the love of Christ.

Letter to Women

Letter to Womena 8-week study, gives us a reflection into this wonderful document by St. Pope John Paul II.

This is our most popular and foundational study for women first experiencing Endow. Answering many questions for modern Catholic woman this letter, written for the occasion of the 1995 Fourth United Nations Conference on Women, acquaints us with the thought of John Paul II and is a good introduction to the Christian concept of woman and her indispensable role in the Church, the family, society, and the world.

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